The answer to the question, how to make frozen yogurt and smoothie and milkshake and granita, is here!

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Frozen Yogurt Mix

Minimum space occupacy and maximum efficency mixer for smoothie, soft ice cream, frozen yogurt, milkshake and crushed ice juice production.

Cool-Bev, our Yogurt Mix Line. A simple and efficient mixer that creates a offer a variety of products.


Frozen Yogurt Mix

Yogurt Mix Line

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A single unit that can offer
frozen yogurt mix, soft ice cream, milkshake,
Granita, juices & other combinations.

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Blender, product information

  • Yogurt Mix Blender product photo
  • Yogurt Mix Blender product photo
  • Frozen Yogurt product photo
    Frozen Yogurt
  • Crushed Ice Juice product photo
    Crushed Ice Juice
  • Fruit Juice product photo
    Fruit Juice
  • Soft Ice Cream product photo
    Soft Ice Cream
  • Milkshake product photo

Yogurt Mix

  • A simple & elegant construction.
  • Can offer a variety of products = all with one unit!!!
  • Yogurt mix + Milkshake + Granita + Milks shake + Fruit Blender.


External cabinet materialPre-painted steel & Plastic