Specializing in providing food and beverage service companies' with coolers, freezers, ice making machines, asset tracking systems and even more horeca trade equipment.

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CoolBev, new/stock/used range of coolers, freezers, dispensers, ice cream machines, ice machines, frozen yogurt machines.


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We are a company specialized in commercial cooling equipment. Our range includes Premium aesthetics Glass door coolers, Vertical freezers, frozen yogurt mix equipment, Ice making machines & relative vertical freezers for Ice preservation & asset tracking systems for best utilization of your fleet. Additionally, we maintain large stock of used OR non moving stock equipment with discounted prices of 50%-75%!
Our focused points are based below…

[ 1 ]More & more Horeca & other Premium outlets are looking for a Glass door cooler that can match their aesthetics, for placement at a visible spot in the sitting area. We have developed a Silver Inox & Classic Retro range, that can fit well in such occasions.

[ 2 ]Ice making machines can be a monthly saving tool. We are offering a package that includes robust ice making machines & vertical ice preservation freezers for even easier handling, that can support economically any demanding Horeca channels & Ice factories.

[ 3 ]High quality & competitive priced Vertical Ice cream freezers made in Europe is not easy to find. We are offering a reliable range vertical Ice cream freezers that are made in Europe with tested quality & competitive & fast delivery time.

[ 4 ]A single unit that could produce a wide variety of quality, tasty products would offer competitiveness in any outlet! We are offering a Frozen yogurt mix model, that can offer also soft ice cream, granite, milkshakes, Crashed ice juices & other as per your inspirations…!

[ 5 ]Having your assets in the market is usually difficult & expensive to monitor. We have developed a low cost asset tracking system that can offer substantial savings. It is a device placed on the units, offering through the web information for the location/temperature/door openings/service visits etc. It is a tool that can reduce the service calls, can prevent loosing assets over the years, offer great statistics & proper information for minimizing the service costs!

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