Support a great number of assets by an attractively priced tracking system.

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 Asset Tracking System

The device installed on any cooler (or other equipment) & performs through a GSM module (sending sms) The sms is sent to a base (or web) & offers an overview of the asset based on the customer needs Offering Location / Temperature (cabinet / mechanism) / Door openings data & pother upon request. Upon any alarm (out of the parameters) the device is sending an alert sms.

[ Monitoring & Profitability ]Our target is to support companies that have their fleet exposed in the market & need to stay in touch. The tracking system pricing is maintained at low level offering the opportunity to support a high quantity of assets. The achievement is that the unit location will be monitored under google map & you will receive important service information on the unit performance.

[ Stay one step ahead ]This system will simply make sure that you will never lose an asset & you are always going to be one step ahead in service "Be Proactive not Reactive" from now on. You will be able to arrange a visit to the asset before it fails & maintain it proactively, saving costs, complains & expensive parts failure.

[ The device ]

  • - It is a device which is placed inside the cooler at any position
  • - It has a GSM module which offers the unit location (The detailed location range depends on the network)
  • - It has 2 temperature sensors placed in the mechanism & cabinet
  • - It has 1 magnetic sensor placed on the door
  • - It is connected to the power supply of the cooler / no extra plugs etc.
  • - It can be placed upon production (we are providing the technical support to the supplier) OR it can be placed as retrofit (to any cooler which is already produced / in the market etc.).

[ Examples when receiving alert ]

  • - If the unit is re-located an alert will be received
  • - If the temperature in the mechanism is increased (so, it can be fixed before any cooler failure / burnt compressor etc)
  • - If the temperature in the cabinet is increased
  • - If the door remains open
  • - How many door openings / time/day (for statistical purposes)
  • -Also it reads the technician check in / check out time
  • -By calling the each device no – it can send a status sms at any time

[ Advantages ]

  • - The assets will be all visible in the system & the risk of loosing any asset is eliminated
  • - The early temperature (mechanism/cabinet) warning is offering the opportunity to support a preventive maintenance visit when needed & prevent a completely stop of the cooler (damaged products / lost sales / dissatisfied customers)
  • - The early warning is significantly reducing the service costs (prevent burnt compressors etc)
  • - It is very likely that the issue may be solved from the phone (as different data are available)
  • - The technicians performance is easily monitored as through a simple RFID tag, the check in/out time is registered in the system & then we may view the performance of the unit
  • - The door openings are displayed on a time table, offering a clear view